Parental Control Options for Cell Phones

Are you a parent of teens or tweens that have or want cell phones? According to the Pew Research center about 75% of 12-17 year-olds now own cell phones. As technology advances and younger and younger kids are getting cell phones, parents too have to adapt and figure out how to protect their children in a digital world.

It’s important that parents are aware of the options for purchasing cell phones for their children as well as the parental control available with different service providers.

All of the major service providers offer parental control options. Parental controls are available that filter content, limit usage and monitor location. Check out this comprehensive blog about Parental Controls for Cell Phones that describes the different categories of controls and gives a breakdown of the types of parent controls available for each service provider.

If you are considering purchasing a cell phone for your teen or tween, make sure you read this Back-to-School Guide for Responsible Use. The article gives advice on what to consider before you buy, when you are shopping for your child’s cell phone and how to set rules on phone usage.

If you are a parent and want to understand trends in teen and tween cell phone usage, take a look at this comprehensive report on How Teens are Using Their Cell Phones .

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