Posts from February, 2011

Connecting with the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council

Yesterday, February 24th, 2011, the CUB Connects team presented to the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council (OBAC).  The presentation was received with great enthusiasm from the council members whose activities include oversight of the Oregon Broadband Mapping Project.  The first version of the National Broadband Map was released to the public on February 17th and the Oregon broadband mapping project should be ready later this year.  After giving a brief history of CUB Connects, walking the council through the website and explaining the future expansion… Full Post >>


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Posts from January, 2011

Using the Left Sidebar to Sort and Filter Your Telecom Search

After entering in the type of service you’re looking for and your zip code, you’ll be brought to a list of all available plans.  Depending on what service you’re searching for, and where you live, this list may be quite extensive.

Fortunately, we have provided a few tools to help you sort and refine your search, making it easier to find exactly what your looking for.

1. Refine your Telecom Search with “Filter By”

You can easily refine this list using… Full Post >>


CUB Connects Search Tips

Is there really now an interactive search tool for Oregonians to research home phone, mobile phone and internet plans?

Yes! is finally here!

Using our search tool to research a plan that will suit your needs is simple!

Access our tool any time by hitting our logo at the top of the page or the Home icon.

Then, simply select the type of service you would like to research: